Altar Servers

alterserversAltar Servers is an organization of boys and girls from 6th to 12th grade. They assist at the altar by serving at Mass and other devotions. Sign-ups and practices are normally held each year in the Spring. There is an Altar Server Committee made up of parents who make up the schedules, coordinate any changes, and take care of the maintenance of the garments. Anyone interested or having any questions may contact Fr. Loomis (Altar Server Moderator).

Altar Server welcome letter 08-2017 through 02-2018

ALTAR SERVERS SCHEDULE:  Altar Server Schedule Feb 11 through Aug 4 2018 FINAL

Unsure of your team? Contact Kathy Himes at

Saint Bede the Venerable Parish - 1071 Holland Road - Holland, PA 18966 - 215-357-5720
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