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Why should we encourage our children to be altar servers? – by Miriam Esteban Benito 
Serving God as an altar server is a wonderful way for a child to grow in faith as well as in responsibility, friendship, and other virtues. I’m convinced of the importance of transmitting the faith to our children starting when they are small. If someone asks me how, I would say that faith is transmitted by spending time in God’s company and in His service through small daily actions. Many factors play a role, but there is a precious activity that is within the reach of all children and which combines these aspects: the role of an altar server.
It’s worth noting that all of us who have been altar servers in our childhood treasure that period of our life with great pleasure and gratitude. As the Lord said, 
“Let the little children come to me” (Mark 10:14).
The fact is, there’s nothing more satisfying for a soul, even for that of a child, than to serve without expecting anything in return. And our joy grows even greater when it’s a matter of serving God himself at the altar, as do the angels in heaven!

Altar Servers is an organization of boys and girls from 6th to 12th grade. They assist at the altar by serving at Mass and other devotions. Sign-ups and practices are normally held each year in the Spring. There is an Altar Server Committee made up of parents who make up the schedules, coordinate any changes, and take care of the maintenance of the garments. Anyone interested or having any questions may contact Fr. Ryan Nguyen (Altar Server Moderator)  at 215-357-5720.

Altar Server welcome letter

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