altar_2011Join the “St. Martha Ministry”

How wonderful it is to come into our beautiful church, not only to feel the presence of God but also to see that it is neat, clean and in order. The way our church looks is a reflection on the value we place on our faith and the God whose house we enter.

Each week besides our normal professional cleaner, we have a group of women (and even some men) who we call the “St. Martha Ministry.”

Remember, St. Martha was praised for her hospitality.

These women and men come for one hour a month (there are four teams) on a Tuesday morning fro 9:30am to 10:30am for light housekeeping (eg: dusting, sweeping under pews, etc.).

Several members of our team have retired and replacements are desperately needed. It’s an easy one hour a month way to give praise to God with a hands-on gift of time.

For more information, call Mary at 215-357-1219.


Saint Bede the Venerable Parish - 1071 Holland Road - Holland, PA 18966 - 215-357-5720
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