School Programs


Formal religious education is offered daily: This program includes:

  • Instruction in sacramental and liturgical expression
  • Study of scripture
  • Experience in prayer
  • Christian values – clarification and formation
  • History, theology, and doctrine of the Catholic religion with an application to daily life


All students participate in the Liturgy of the Eucharist on First Fridays and on special occasions.

All sacramental preparation consists of religious instruction and of parental involvement in pre-sacramental programs before the children share in the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. The programs are mandatory for parents who wish their child/children to receive these sacraments. Children are prepared for Reconciliation and First Communion in the second grade and for Confirmation in the sixth grade.


With the help of the teachers, the students may be involved in the following: Rosary Devotions, Advent and Lenten Prayer Services, Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, Reconciliation Services, Living Stations, and student retreats.


St. Katharine Drexel School has been formally consecrated to the Sacred Heart, Mary Immaculate Queen, and the Miraculous Medal. All students and teachers attending St. Bede’s participate in the graces and special blessings flowing from these consecrations.

  • SACRED HEART – The students assist at Mass on all First Fridays honoring the Sacred Heart.
  • MARY IMMACULATE QUEEN – The students honor Mary as Immaculate Queen by reciting the morning offering to Mary.
  • MIRACULOUS MEDAL – The students are encouraged to wear the Miraculous Medal to show their love and devotion to Mary.


A Christian atmosphere underlies the academic program at St. Katharine Drexel School. To achieve quality education and to stimulate intellectual curiosity, the school promotes diversified programs of learning and uses a variety of learning materials.

The daily schedule of each grade level is in compliance with the weekly allotments for each subject area as recommended by the Office of Catholic Education. Curriculum guidelines in all subjects are also provided by the Office of Catholic Education. These guidelines are in compliance with the mandates of the State of Pennsylvania. Time allotments and curriculum are followed by the faculty of the school.


The computer lab is equipped with microcomputers. The curriculum is based on the Archdiocesan computer guidelines. Computer literacy, keyboarding, word processing, programming and other topics are covered. Each area is adapted to the appropriate grade level of the students. Each child has his/her own microcomputer during class.


The physical education classes are conducted by a certified teacher and follow the time allotments and guidelines set forth by the Office of Catholic Education. Each class is assigned a particular day and the children must come prepared and wearing proper gym apparel to participate in physical education classes.


The music curriculum is under the direction of the school’s music instructor. Time allotments and guidelines from the Office of Education are followed. Primary vocal instruction will prevail over theoretical discussions or reading assignments. Music theory will be taught to achieve the goal of fluent note reading in group singing. A comprehensive and well-rounded exposure to the world of music is the ultimate objective, given the limitations of time and facilities.


Children who are interested may join the school band for group instructions, which are given to two to four students at one time starting in, grade four. Two concerts are performed per year. Students are encouraged to play solos and play in church of liturgies and other occasions.


A well-equipped school library services the needs of the pupils and teachers. In addition to weekly library periods, students are urged to use the library to complement and extend the learning, which is initiated in the classroom. Books may be checked out for a one-week period; a longer time period may be given in case of special reports. If a book is not returned within a month of the due date, the student will be charged for the replacement of the book. If the book is later found and returned, the replacement fee will be returned.



Services are available to students with academic needs such as reading, mathematics, and study skills. A mobile unit is located at the rear of the school building to provide for specific types of remedial classes. This service is provided through the benefit of your tax dollars. Speech and counseling are also provided.


A comprehensive testing program is an important part of the educational process. Standardized tests are administered to all students at certain grade levels. This program includes standardized testing of achievement and intelligence. The results of these tests are used as supplemental information by the administration and teachers in identifying special students’ needs related to personal, educational, and social adjustments. Tests are only one of the many ways by which the school measures achievement, potential, and helps to identify problem areas.


The extra-curricular program is administered by the Saint Bede’s Home and School Association Board. The program is offered twice in a calendar year. Classes are held either once or twice a week after school.

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