Parish Mission Statement

Carrying the light and hope of Jesus to each other and the world.

We the people of the Catholic community of St. Bede’s parish are bonded together by a common set of Values that are derived from our call to continue the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ, as He directed, through faith, the Eucharistic Liturgy, the Sacraments, and prayer. We submit ourselves to the leadership of our Holy Father the Pope, the successor of St. Peter; our Archbishop, and our Pastor, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the love we are called to share with our fellow human beings.
Together we share a Vision for the future where with God’s help we will become a vibrant parish where all feel welcome; all are involved in the Liturgy and the life of the parish; all feel a sense of community, caring, and love; all can be served as we strive to meet the needs of one another; and all are living the teachings of Jesus Christ.
We, therefore, as a people and as a parish set forth as our Mission:

To Worship God through Eucharistic Liturgy, the Sacraments, Prayer, Scripture, and living as a loving Christian Community.


To Teach the message of Christ by the way we live, by proclaiming the Word, by educating our members through our Catholic School, our CCD, our adult programs, by following the teachings of the Church and the Holy Father.


To Build Community by our loving concern, mutual love, respect, and support, by open communications, by fostering in all our parishioners a feeling of ownership and belonging, and by gathering together, spiritually, educationally, and socially.


To Serve those in Need by our prayers, our presence, our service, our financial support, our participation in parish activities, our outreach to our parish population, and by using all the facilities of our Catholic Church to help those who are in need.


To Proclaim the Good News by our preaching and our belief in the joyful news of our salvation through Jesus Christ which should be visible in our demeanor in the Liturgy, and should always be paramount in all of our activities whether they be spiritual, service related, athletic, or social.

We pray to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the intercession of Mary our Mother and through Saint Bede the Venerable, our patron. May the Lord of Light guide us and bless us in our earthly journey to our heavenly home.